I have been gently admonished

For not explaining what a CVI is.

It appears it is not just the

Consultants who do not explain anything!

The CVI or Certificate of Visual Impairment

Is the bit of paper that the hospital gives you

When your sight deteriorates to a certain point. This

Will enable you to register with

the Local council as sight impaired or severely sight impaired/ blind.

Registration is optional. Before refusing to register take advice.

It is the road to support, benefits and protection.

If you do not have a certificate

And you cannot see faces clearly or you can

Only read with the Help of a magnifier


Whether you need to be given a CVI.

So far all my research indicates that more

Often than not you

Have to ask or insist.

This is something you

must find out about.

If you search for guidance

on issuing CVI you will find a

very interesting document.