Baked salmon


To create a quick, tasty and slightly indulgent meal


As always check your immediate area for hazards

Lazy person principle

Gather all ingredients and equipment together

so that you can stay in one place whilst constructing your meal


Ingredients – Aldi salmon fillet, castello Spanish soft blue cheese, olive oil, green beans, celeriac, watercress,

Greek basil and chili garlic salt.

Equipment – oven pan, medium saucepan, foil, sharp knife, bowl for rubbish, small dish for oil,

eating plate, half-filled kettle and cooking basket


Ensure the work top is clear and clean.

Ensure chopping board and tray are at the work station

Place ingredients to the right of the tray

Place equipment to the left of the tray

Ensure there is hot water available

with a clean towel.

Place bowl for rubbish within reach.

Plug the kettle in within easy reach


skin celeriac,

Cut some into chips and put the rest aside.

Put chips into a saucepan, cover and put onto boil.

Turn the oven on for 170 C or gas mark 3.

Take oven dish and place a sheet of foil ,

big enough to wrap the fish,

in the bottom

Place fish, skin side down, on the foil.

Put a handful of fresh Greek basil on the fish.

Place thin layers of cheese over the herbs.

Wrap the whole in the foil.

Ensure the celeriac is boiling,

reduce to simmer for five minutes.

Turn off the heat and leave for five minutes [power saving]

By now the oven should be up to heat.

Remove the celeriac

Put a little oil in the dish and season with garlic and chili salt.

Roll the chips in the oil and place in the oven dish.

Place the oven dish ,with the foil

wrapped fish and celeriac chips,

on a middle shelf in the oven.

keep the oven at 170 C or gas mark 3 for

fifteen minutes and then turn off the power.

Do not remove the fish and chips [power saving]

In the meantime prepare the green beans by topping and if necessary tailing.

Place in the cooking basket.

Place in medium saucepan, cover the

beans with boiling water from

the kettle and put on the

hob to simmer. After five minutes turn off the

heat and leave beans in the water.[power saving]

Put the plate on the chopping board.

Put a handful of water cress on the plate.

Remove the basket of beans from the water, allow to drain fully and then tip onto the plate

Remove the fish and celeriac from the oven

This should be when the fish has been in the oven for a total

Of 30 minutes.

Carefully put the chips on the plate

Remove the foil and place the fish on the plate.

Grab a knife and fork and a glass of wine and eat.


Total preparation time about 40 minutes. Be sure to time the beans so that they start about ten minutes before the fish comes out.

Simple and very tasty and not over expensive.