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Sent: 23 August 2022 10:22
Subject: books

Good morning Rosemary

Thank you for your kind comments. I often get the feeling that as regards sightloss awareness I am pushing water uphill with a break!

A descent intodarkness was written with general life changing and particularly blindness in mind. I feel that your grandson would find it helpful.

The book can be found on kindle. A Kindle fire has the capacity to convert text to speech. You can also link the kindle to Alexa or Sirrie. If he does not have a kindle you can use a kindle ap on a tablet. Other options may also exist.

Additionally the book is on the Calibre audio library. RNIB were not interested.

Another book he may find helpful is First catch your rabbit.

This has 39 recipes in it but it is primarily a how to cook when totally blind without killing yourself. I wrote it after my wife died and I had to get a grip on the kitchen.

Additionally this book is on the RNIB audio library.

If your grandson has acccesss to a computer he may find the films I did on Henshawes of interest.

Reference cooking if he can access BBC sounds I was on the food programme the march before last and the Food Chain on the world service on 7th May the same year.

I do hope this is useful and I wish your grandson all the luck in the world. On that note he will quickly learn you have to make your own luck. It is important that he continually tries to change what he thinks is possible.

I would ask one favour in return

I am doing some research of my own at the moment. Could let me know two things


When did your grandson get his certificate of visual impairment


Was it offered or did he have to ask for it.

Yours aye

Simon Mahoney MA

Blind Veteran and Author


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