Yet again it has been too long.

In dispute with my utility company.

Who isn’t?

For two and half years I have

Been requesting they give me,

As a blind person, a smart

Meter display I can use.

I am now requesting compensation for

Having to share my energy information

With a third party [data protection act] and not

Having access to a service they

Provide [Equality Act 2010]

The EQUALITY ACT is an interesting one.

It states specifically

“any entity providing goods and services must ensure they take

reasonable steps to Ensure that those goods

and services are accessible to all

REGARDLESS of disability.”

This applies to everything.

In a time when monitoring our energy use

as never beforeit is important that

that we can read our own meters.

The RNIB have a page on smart m which is worth

A look. We are all entitled to ask

Our suppliers for an accessible metereters