talking smart meter display

Thanks, Simon, though I think that data protection is a bit of a stretch.

Am I right in thinking that some Smart phones have a facility for reading displays aloud once you have taken a picture? I’ve never tried it.

There is also “Be-My-Eyes” application.

But, I agree that talking Smart meters should be fitted as standard – lots of meters are in places where it is difficult to see, if one can.

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From: simon mahoney <>
Sent: 05 October 2022 1459
Subject: talking smart meter displayd

For many of us the energy

Crisis has passed the point

Where it is a joke.

The main tool we have to

Control our use of energy

Is the smart meter.

Unfortunately this is , for many

Of us, inaccessible as we cannot

Read the information.

This means we have to ask

A third party to read our display,

But only when they are available.

This is a clear breach

Of Data Protection.

It is also contrary to the

Equality Act 2010.

This Act can apply to many things and its basic premise is as follows

“any entity providing goods and services must take reasonable steps

To ensure that those goods and services

Are available to all,

Regardless of disability”

I am happy to report that

There are now available smart meter

Displays with text to speech. In other words

They talk.

You can find details on

The RNIB web site.

I have requested that my energy supplier provide me

With one. They have done this

As is my right and their duty.

After some initial connection

Issues [none of us knew what the

Hell we were doing!]. the patience

Of Job and unfailing courtesy on both

Sides it is now connected.

It is child’s play to use.

The best feature is that

It is easy to turn the speech on and off!

You now have the information and the relevant Act to quote.

Get cracking!

Yours aye