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press release wingingitblind

Winging it Blind by Simon Mahoney.

The truth about sight loss and how to survive it. Simon Mahoney uses his personal story to reveal the problems and solutions through his transition to total blindness. His book, published on 15 November, is full of practical ideas and answers for anyone who’s sight is at risk and for those who care for them.

Simon said, “There’s no shortcut to managing the overwhelming world of blindness but, with hard work and commitment, we can reinvent ourselves and find the way back to being fully paid-up valued members of society. My mantra is : ‘We are not disabled; it’s what others do or don’t do that disables us.’ Rather than spending the rest of our days in the ‘disabled’ box, we must keep climbing out and changing what is possible.”

As with his first book (A descent into Darkness), Winging it Blind is an invaluable guide for professionals in the field as well as those facing sight loss, those already blind and their supporters .

Simon explores five distinct levels of change and survival: essential knowledge; management and adaptation; engagement with the real world; practical steps towards independence; sight loss and society. The first four are packed with information and advice while the last draws on Simon’s personal perceptions and experience.

He concludes with a holistic and strategic analysis of sight loss as a looming social crisis. Simon champions sight safeguarding : identifying causes of increasing sight loss (such as pollution, diet and toxins in water) And what society and individuals can do to protect eye health.


Notes for Editors:

1. Simon Mahoney originally served with the Royal Marines but went on to pursue a highly successful career in social work, providing him with extensive experience and insight into the challenges of others facing life changing problems. In 2012, his sight began to worsen and this book records his practical learning over the last ten years. Mor N

2. Winging it Blind is available at Amazon and from the web site

3. Link to a recent video of the author made with Henshawes

4. Contact Simon Mahoney at,

phone number01335 348982 for interviews and more information.


Pasta lamb

Put a tin of mangoes,4 or5 spring onions ansd a fresh chilli into a food blender.

Blitz until smooth.

Dice a small lamb steak into strips.

Put sauce and lamb into a bowl to marinate.

Put some conciglieri [pasta shells] into a cup and pour boiling water over the ahells. Leave for

Ten minutes

Put the lamb and sauce into an oven dish

Mix shells into the dish

Add a cup of peas

Add a dozen baby mushrooms

Mix well

Put the dish – [covered] into a preheated oven at 170 Centigrade gas mark three for twenty five minutes

Turn off oven and leave dish in oven for another fifteen to twenty minutes.

Should serve two

17 September, 2021 15:44

To go beneath the water by J.L.Miller on AMAZONAA wake-up call for modern life

This is an astonishing book written by an incredible woman. On the one hand it exposes the arrogance and fundamental insecurity of the governing body of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and on the other it demonstrates the sado-masochistic and brainwashed characteristics of their members, particularly their elders who with insouciance preach the destruction of eight billion people. At times it was hard to recall if I was reading this book or the rise and fall of the Third Reich.

At its heart To Go Beneath the Water is the story of love and sheer guts overcoming absolute power. It is a book for anyone who feels there must be more to life than the tyranny of the brainwashing and anodyne existence promoted by modern society. If you have a mind to go beneath the water, it is a fascinating wake-up call.

Eyeway Conversation with Simon Mahoney

From: George Abraham []
Sent: 10 August 2021 06:58
Subject: Eyeway Conversation with Simon Mahoney

Eyeway Conversations with Simon Mahoney

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Simon Mahoney, a former Royal Marines officer, social work team leader, freelance artist and author. Diagnosed with a condition called Uveitis, Simon lost his eye sight at the age of 64. But in the next ten years, he not only learnt to accept and live a life with blindness but accomplished a great deal.

He has written three books, the fourth one is on its way, he learned to cook and then wrote a book about it! He also re-learned to sail a dinghy using all his other senses mindfully, and now he is trying his hands at mountaineering and skiing.

What’s kept him going is not just his love for adventure but a simple philosophy, one of challenging possibilities. Tune in to listen to this magnificent account of a 74-year-old who doesn’t consider himself to be disabled at all.

To access the podcast transcript, click on link:

This podcast is supported by BarrierBreak Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

catch up

It has been far too long

Since I have been on here.

I now have a new computer,

Courtesy of Blind Veterans.

What a great crowd they are!

Obviously will be paying toward

It once the new book

Is published and

Paid for. It is

Currently undergoing the

Transformation from a

Pig’s ear to a silk purse thanks

to K andSpiffing Covers.

Last week climbed Jacob’s Ladder at Edale and

We had a little ceremony for

My youngest who

Died last November.

A couple of weeks ago I was

Involved with “highway conversations” which is a regular

Podcast from an

Organisation for

People with sight loss in

India based at New with many organisations they are incredibly short of funds. If you

Think you want to know more contact me.

Last week I was involved as

An “expert member” in

The introductory week for new Blind Veterans.

What a joy to share hard

Earned knowledge withPeople getting to grips with

All the ramifications of losing

Your sight. When I think Of the hundreds of thousands

Who are going to lose

Their sight in the next few

Years it makes me want to Weep.

In spite of this I recently learned

That an NHS E-learning course on sight loss

Has been cancelled for

Lack of funds.

Absolutely no surprise there.

After all, the NHS treat us as just procedures and not as people. If you lose

Your sight do

Not expect help from the clinics. They have no comprehension of sight loss.

See “Winging it blind or touch the frog” due to be available

From mid October

On Amazon or directly from myself. It will be available on Kindle as well.

Let me remind you

All that I am contactable through

My web site. I will reply to any message.

I am also talking remotely to groups all

Over the country.

At the moment it is pro bono and

If you want me to chat to your group

I will be happy to do so.

I guess that is

About all for now.

Keep well and stay safe.

busy old week

Monday started with Henshawes

Of Manchester coming down to

Do some filming. We managed five videoes and ten mini videos.

Great fun but very tiring.

Needed no rocking that


Tuesdday was the regional

BV consultation meeting.

Seem a pretty sharp bunch.

I did switch off when some

Speaker from London

Started rabbiting on about

The VI Community. How people

Can be sloppy and crass enough to use the

Community word. I refuse to be

Defined by the fact I cannot see.

Thursday there was a seminar involving Henshawesand sight support

From Worcestershire, Cumbria and Essex.

Mark fron Henshawes was talking about

The insight videoes

And I was able to add my tuppence worth.

Immediately after there was the

Group from Nottingham. Spent an hour

Talking to them about Rabbit at their


Friday I had a

Message from RNIB

Telling me I may be allowed a portion of their

Recording of Rabbit. So kind of them as it is my intellectual property.

The hubris of those bloody people

Is staggering.

june 27

Recently had a delightful message

From a Mrs M D thanking me for

The two books. She also made

The point that she has progressed from

Salads and ready meals

As a result of reading rabbit.

When you write you are in a

Little bubble of your own.

It Is hard to know if you are

Reaching anyone.

Messages like that

Tell me I am not

Just howling in the wilderness.

So thank you MD and good luck with your cooking.